Equity Solutions

Equity Solutions s.r.o. is a private equity investment company that primarily focuses on opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe, especially in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia. Private Equity is an investment process where the investor provides medium- to long-term financing while acquiring a stake in the targeted company.

Besides its primary activities, Equity Solutions also offers consulting services in investment banking, financial restructuring, and distressed asset management.

Founded in 2008 in Prague as a capital investment consulting and distressed asset management firm, Equity Solutions transferred its focus to private equity investments two years later, and now those activities make up most of the firm's business activities.

The company's founders, Zdeněk Čáp, Jiří Zajíc, and Bogdan Kaszper, possess years of experience in managing major transactions in Central Europe; in sectors as diverse as finance, telecommunications, IT, media, engineering, fast-moving consumer goods, and real estate.