Private Equity

Private Equity is an investment process where the investor provides medium- to long-term financing while acquiring a stake in the targeted company, which is not publicly traded, but privately held.

Companies ideal for private equity investments usually possess sound management and show potential for growth in the medium-term, as well as in the long run. Private equity investments can take place in any sector; the deciding factor in any investment opportunity the evaluation of the investment according to the company's market position, its sustainability and possibilities for growth, the quality and potential of the products offered, market competition, the regulatory environment, and of course the structure of management and the key actors in the project. This analysis balances the risks and calculates the return on investment of a given project.

When evaluating private equity opportunities, Equity Solutions does not set any time limits for its investments, but demands an internal return rate (IRR) of at least 20%, and a minimum investment of EUR 4 million.

Equity Solutions currently operates three private equity investments:

HPF CleanCat

Facility management / Cleaning services

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Entered the project in 2012

HPF CleanCat provides cleaning services as well as other complimentary services for industrial facilities, offices, administrative centers, schools, hospitals, stores, banks, hotels, and other facilities. The company also provides facility management and security services. It was founded in 1997.

Equity Solutions Appraisals

Financial consulting / Expert opinions

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Entered the project in 2010

Equity Solutions Appraisals offers expert reports and appraisal services. The company was founded in 2009 and holds a wide range of licenses to appraise companies, securities, intangible assets, debts, real estate, other assets, financial products, and instruments used on capital and financial markets.

Loan Park

Debt administration and collection

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Entered the project in 2009

Loan Park manages and collects minor debts held by individuals. The company, founded in 2009, handles the entire legal and financial collection process, currently administering more than 20,000 small claims in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.